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Join a Precinct Team 

Why do Democrats need precinct teams?

The team in each of Canyon County’s 51 precincts is the main way Democratic voters communicate with the party.

Team members visit homes once or twice a year and also contact neighbors through phone calls, emails, and text messages.


Being visible as a good neighbor and a Democrat, helps dispel stereotypes of Democrats. Everyone works better when part of a team.

Do you need a team?

You’re aware we must fight the current threats to our voting rights, our schools and our libraries?

What we can accomplish as individuals is limited. A team has greater impact. 

A coalition of teams reaching across the country can actually make a great difference. 

Don’t just vote for the best person.  Help to recruit and to elect that person!

How are teams organized?

Teams work together to train one another, schedule tasks, and request materials and data from their district. 

Members may serve different “turfs” so they know their neighborhoods better. And they may divide other tasks. 

A team captain will represent the team on the Democrats' county central committee. He or she may be chosen by the team to stand for election.  

Some activities for teams

Meet your Democratic neighbors. Learn what’s important to them. Help them to connect with party newsletters and websites. Encourage them to speak out.

Host informal gatherings to build stronger connections in your neighborhood, Share ideas and find new team members. Invite voters to meet Democratic candidates.

Welcome newcomers to your neighborhood. Learn if they want to hear about Democrats.

Help candidate teams canvass your turf. Connect candidates to people who can help with time, talents and money.

Register voters. Explain who is eligible to vote. If they feel their vote doesn’t count, talk about local elections. (Canyon County has more unregistered voters than most counties.)

Work to see that everyone who plans to vote for Democratic candidates actually votes- deliver flyers, make calls, and drive people to the polls.

What do precinct captain do?

The precinct captains' main duties are to help organize the precinct team and to stay in touch with voters in their turf.

Captains also have an important role in representing their team and their voters in district and county party activities. They elect district and county officers, vote on matters before the central committees and assist in setting and fulfilling goals.  

How are precinct captains chosen?

State law requires that precinct captains submit a Declaration of Candidacy to their county elections office in early March of even-numbered years. They are elected by those voting by party during the primary voting in May.

Ideally, the precinct team will select the member they want to file for captain. Others may file, but the goal is to keep the team intact and working. 

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