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Canyon County, Idaho's second largest county, has nearly 100,000 registered voters and six districts--11,12, and 13 completely in Canyon and 9, 10, and 23 shared with other counties.  

The increasing number of extremist Republicans elected here is heightening the need for stronger recruiting and voter outreach programs. 

The Canyon County Democratic Party is working to develop teams in every district--right now three of the counties are considered the red counties in Idaho most apt to elect a Democrat.  Yet, not enough of our voters believe Democrats can win. We need an active, visible presence beyond anything we've done before

Donors are our source of funds; volunteers, are our source of action.  Please help if you can. 

Those who donate every monthly (DEM) help us with on-going programs like our newsletter, website, and texting services.  Adding an office and a staff member--especially during election season--would add to our visibility and make us easier to contact.  

Canyon County Democrats

Thank you for helping the Canyon County Democrats work for quality public education, voting rights, healthy families, clean air and water, and public lands.  

During March and April new donations from persons in districts

with a Canyon County presence will be divided between the county and district committees.      

Langan Fund for Interns

Help Canyon County support and train young people in skills needed for campaigning. 

Jerry Langan was a teacher, a city councilman and a great mentor to many younger Democrats. The Canyon County Democrats started a fund to hire a young intern in his honor.  The first, Emma Redman, served in 2021. 

Jerry and Margaret Langan

Donating every month helps us plan for continuing costs such as our webpage and newsletter in addition to saving up for campaign expenses. There are 11,500 known Democrats in Canyon County.  If even 10% donated $4 a month, we could have an office for work and meetings. With 20% we could add staff members for trainings and volunteer management.    



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D9 Washington County/Payette County/West Canyon County Democrats

Donate to District 9, which encompases Washington County, Payette County, and the West side of Canyon County.


D10 Middleton/Star

Donate to District 10, which encompases Middleton, Star, and a portion of Nampa and Caldwell.


D11 Caldwell Dems

Donate to District 11 Caldwell Democrats.

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