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Precinct captains serve on both their county and their district central committees.  

County committees elect three representatives to the State Central Committee. District committees elect one.  

Members of the State Central Committee work with the chair to decide activities and budgets for the state party.    

Those attending the caucus must sign pledges stating they are Democrats. They elect 29 delegates and 20 alternates to the State Convention in June.  

At the state convention delegates write the party platform and elect state officers and members of the National Central Committee.  

Becoming a precinct captain

If you are not satisfied with the one-party government in Idaho, you should consider becoming a precinct captain.

Precincts are a geographic unit of voters.  Their captains make up the central committees of each county and of each district and plan activities and assist campaigns.  Captains were elected in May.

If there is a vacancy between elections, district or county chairs may appoint someone with the approval of the central committee. 

Precinct captains are expected to:

  • Be a member of team working to get Democrats elected.

  • Attend legislative district and/or county central committee meetings. (The Canyon County meeting is at 7 pm the 4th Tuesday of most months).

  • Elect county and legislative district leadership during the re-organization meeting in May.

  • Contact the people in your neighborhood at least once a year.

  • Volunteer prior to Election Day for the Get Out The Vote effort.

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