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Why act?  You have reasons or you wouldn’t be reading this.  
We want an America where people thrive, rather than just survive.

Democrats fight for good schools, affordable healthcare and housing, decent wages and working conditions, and equal rights for all. Our democracy is in real danger as Republicans attack the voting rights and democratic institutions that support equality and justice. 


Why join a team?  Posting on social media, writing letters-to-the-editor, and filling out surveys are not enough. We must act together, talking to voters and growing our teams, until our voices cannot be ignored

.One captain for 2000 people in a precinct isn’t enough; a team of five is a good start; ten to fifteen will make a real difference.  We need people who can work three hours once or twice a month and people who have the time and energy to make the plans and preparations. 


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Volunteer with Us
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Thanks for volunteering with us! We'll get back to you soon.

Doubt volunteers can make a difference?  Read some case studies!


Dirt Road Revival by Chloe Maxmin and Canyon Woodward 

Harvest the Vote by Jane Kleeb

Flipped: How Georgia Turned Greg Bluestein

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