Five candidates are running to represent Canyon County citizens in the state legislature. 

District 10 (Star/Middleton/Caldwell)

   Senate: Bob Solomon

District 11 (Caldwell)

    Senate: Toni Ferro

    House A: Rob Scoville

    House B: Marisela Pesina

District 23 (Melba/Nampa)

    Senate: Mik Lose

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District 9

District 9 Monthly Meeting

This standing meeting is held the 3rd Tuesday at 2 pm at Ruszoni’s Pizza, 1611 N Whitley Dr, Fruitland ID.

Find your precinct HERE.

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District 10

District 10 includes all of Star in Western Ada County and the whole and parts of Middleton and Nampa in Canyon County.

District 10 Democratic Party Leadership

Greta Dunlap - District Chair

Vice Chair - TBD

Rhonda Aman - Secretary

Ken Ough - Treasurer

Precinct Leaders

Elizabeth "Ann" Kuck - Captain – Precinct 1001

1002 - Vacant

1003 - Vacant

Kenneth Ough - Captain – Precinct 1004

1005 - Vacant

1006 - Vacant

1007 - Vacant

1008 - Vacant

1009 - Vacant

Bob Solomon - Captain – Precinct 1010

1011 - Vacant

1012 - Vacant

1013 - Vacant

Rhonda Aman - Captain – Precinct 1014

Connie Lane-Porter - Captain – Precinct 1015

Leland Heinbach - Captain – Precinct 1016

1017 - Vacant

District 10 Monthly Meeting
This standing meeting is held the third Monday of each month currently through Google Meet. We meet from 6-7 PM. For information on how to join or to be added on our invite list, please email district10@adademocrats.org.

          District 10 Idaho Democrats


District 10 Precincts
Precincts are the smallest political units we have (what precinct do I live in?).  Democratic precinct committeepersons (PCs) are elected by the citizens of their precinct and charged with connecting the people in their precinct to the Democratic Party and the Party to the people. Want to get involved at this grassroot level? See a vacancy in your precinct? Please contact your District Chair and discuss how you might be able to fill this crucial position!

Find your precinct HERE.

To Volunteer
Contact our District Chair at district10@adademocrats.org

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District 11

District 11 encompasses most of the City of Caldwell in Canyon County. We are a group of people working to keep Caldwell and the State of Idaho a great place to live, work and raise a family.

Our mission is “To recruit, train, support and elect 3 Democrats from District 11 to the Idaho State Legislature every 2 years.”

Contact information:

           Caldwell Democrats | Facebook

District 11 Democratic Party Leadership


Penny Neely - District Chair
Sharon Hubler - Secretary
Trish Robertson – Treasurer
Florina Ruvio - Communications

Precinct Leaders
Barbara Harris/Barbara Garrett, Co-Captains - Precinct 1911
Trish Robertson/Kathleen Gomez, Co-Captains – Precinct 2211
Sharon Hubler/Kim Strathearn, Co-Captains – Precinct 2311

Peter Erlendson, Captain – Precinct 2411
Penny Neely, Captain – Precinct 2511



Tuesday August 9, 7PM at the Caldwell Library Idaho Room is our next District 11 Meeting. We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. The location varies.

August 27 – Meet and Greet for Idaho Senate Candidate Toni Ferro – Caldwell Public Library.


To Volunteer Contact our District Chair at CaldwellDems1@gmail.com.

Find your precinct HERE.
Volunteers welcome! Donations appreciated!

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District 12

Find your precinct HERE.

District 12 Map.jpg

District 23

Find your precinct HERE.

District 23 Map.jpg
Image by Tim Mossholder