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Voters have dismal view of politics


The Associated Press insert in Friday’s Idaho Press reported that Meta claims to have found and eliminated nearly 4,800 fake accounts established by a single location in China. Now I’m wondering just how many people it takes to manage thousands of fake accounts.  Would it be one person per 100 accounts–or with artificial intelligence could just six handle it? 

How long until U.S. candidates begin posting on hundreds of accounts aimed at different demographics–single, working people; parents; college kids; minorities; Idaho natives; California transplants; etc.? And, now the technology exists, how long until every candidate feesl they have to do it?


All we need is another thing to create distrust with government. 

Robert Reich blamed the media for much of Biden’s unpopularity. It favors the audience-attracting emotional rants by former President Trump over Biden’s stately assertions. A media spokesperson responded by saying there are a limited number of ways to make “the economy is growing” sound like news.  

Economist James Galbraith pointed out that not everyone is benefitting the same from economic growth. A low unemployment rate affects few people–primarily, those seeking jobs–while inflation affects everyone. And that average wage increase, which is said to offset inflation, is an average, i.e., half are getting more and half less. 

Right now owners are putting off moving because they don’t want to switch from a two percent mortgage rate to a seven percent one. Those wanting to buy for the first time are finding that a shortage of homes for sale is keeping prices high even as mortgage rates escalate.  And here, “high” is about double the 2018 value.


And the talk about the higher interest rates setting off a recession has many people worried.  The Federal Reserve is hoping for a “soft landing,” but the U.S. tends to suffer a recession every 6.5 years. 


And we can wonder how much of Biden’s disapproval rating comes from the left. Bidenomics is investing heavily in clean energy production, but he’s also allowed more drilling and let a natural gas pipeline in the Appalachians continue construction. Liberals can also be unhappy that Biden was slow reacting to the Supreme Court overthrowing Roe vs. Wade even though a draft of the decision had been leaked much earlier. Some believe he should be doing more to protect voters’ rights, create low-income housing, and help people pay off college debts. And some former supporters see Biden as too supportive of the Israelis–or of the Palestinians.

Reich felt the media was responsible for many people not being informed of the careful, balanced decisions that Biden is making. A recent Pew Research poll, however, indicates that the majority find politics depressing.  


Voters were asked how they felt when thinking of politics: excited, hopeful, angry, or exhausted.  Nearly two-thirds said they “always or often” felt exhausted. Over half felt angry.  

When asked to describe their feelings about politics, only two percent used positive terms.  The most common terms were “divisive” and “corrupt.” 

Over 75% said that the news emphasizes the conflicts between parties rather than the “important issues that face the country.”

Most were unhappy with everything about politics. They didn’t approve of the Supreme Court, the Presidency or Congress.  They didn’t like political parties or didn’t feel the best people became candidates. Over 80% said members of Congress are too interested in personal gain; over 70% believe that lobbyists and special interests have too much influence. 

Ironically, Americans do agree on these important issues. Unfortunately, they’ve lost hope that good people working together can better things.      

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