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Who We Are

Canyon County Democrats join with others across the state in working to see Idaho thrive.  We strive to create economic opportunities and good jobs, to make quality education accessible, and to protect the democratic process.  Our primary contribution is recruiting candidates who will work for voters and providing information about the political process here in Idaho. Canyon County Democrats support:

  • A Quality Education for Every Idaho Student.

  • An Economy that Works for All.

  • Equity, Justice, and Opportunity for All.

  • Quality and Accessible Health Care for Every Idahoan.

  • Strengthening Democracy, Fighting Extremism, and Ending Corruption.

  • Protecting Our Natural Resources.


Upcoming Elections

2023 Election Dates: May 16, August 29, and Nov. 7

The Canyon County Elections Office is at 1102 E. Chicago, St., Caldwell, ID 83605


Central Committee Meetings are in person at:  

7 pm, 4th Thursday of every month, County Admin Bldg, 111 N. 11th Ave Caldwell.  Meetings are also available online.


First Tuesday Social are in person only at 6 pm, 1st Tuesday of every month, 2C Family Brewing, 1216 1st Ave S, Nampa.

Democrats speak out

Vouchers, Launch and a deadline

Judy Ferro

Link to full article

“Should the State of Idaho…divert tax dollars to private K-12 education, including private religious schools and for-profit schools?” Thank you, Rep. Lori McCann for suggesting that the legislature put that question to Idaho voters (HB339) before requiring us to finance schools that will not be held accountable to the state for any subject matter or hours of instruction.


Rep. Lauren 


GOP Property Tax Bill Has
Poison Pill for Schools
Link to full article

Idaho Democrats had many priorities entering this session, but two topped the list. First, a mandate from voters to increase school investment. Our schools – rural schools, in particular – face dire challenges in retaining staff and a nearly $1 billion backlog in facilities needs. Second, finally, address property taxes. Now these priorities, shared by Idahoans, are at risk.

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