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2023 Peck Picnic Set for June 24

Come party with the party! 

Hang with the gang! 

Surround yourself with Dems!

Enrich a tradition!


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Suggested donation--make us an offer!

Note: Take 16th off Garrety; use the first parking lot to the right. The fireplace shelters are just behind the playground.  Alcohol is not allowed at the park.  And children under five are free.  

Who We Are

Canyon County Democrats join with others across the state in working to see Idaho thrive.  We strive to create economic opportunities and good jobs, to make quality education accessible, and to protect the democratic process.  Our primary contribution is recruiting candidates who will work for voters and providing information about the political process here in Idaho. Canyon County Democrats support:

  • A Quality Education for Every Idaho Student.

  • An Economy that Works for All.

  • Equity, Justice, and Opportunity for All.

  • Quality and Accessible Health Care for Every Idahoan.

  • Strengthening Democracy, Fighting Extremism, and Ending Corruption.

  • Protecting Our Natural Resources.


Upcoming Elections

2023 Election Dates: August 29 and November 7

The Canyon County Elections Office is at 1102 E. Chicago, St., Caldwell, ID 83605


Central Committee Meetings are in person at:  

7 pm, 4th Thursday of every month, County Admin Bldg, 111 N. 11th Ave Caldwell.  Meetings are also available online.


First Tuesday Social are in person only at 6 pm, 1st Tuesday of every month, at the 4-T Sports Bar, 112 13th Ave S, Nampa. 

Democrats speak out

Voters calm in face of economic disaster

Judy Ferro

Link to full article

Do you remember–or have you heard of–the panic that gripped many Americans as the year 2000 approached? Americans had tons of electric equipment with timers, and many panicked thinking about all that could fail when we went from year 99 to year 00? Nothing happened. Today people remain detached as the media points out daily that, if the Republican-controlled U.S. House won’t allow an increase in the nation’s debt limit, we will suffer worldwide economic chaos, plus job losses and recession at home.


Rep. Lauren 


Republican supermajority increasingly hostile to girls and women

Idaho is home. It’s where many of us were raised and where we chose to raise our families. But as a mother of two daughters, I can no longer encourage them to settle here. This breaks my heart, but Idaho’s cruel laws deny their freedoms and put them at risk if they ever become pregnant. Countless families face the same gut-wrenching dilemma. Sadly, Idaho’s extreme abortion ban is just one example of the legislature’s growing hostility to girls and women. Roe v. Wade protected Idahoans from the most extreme positions of its Republican lawmakers. Once it was overturned, Idaho’s hardline abortion ban took effect. Not only does the law have near-unworkable exceptions for victims of rape and incest but it also allows the rapist’s family members to sue for cash awards if the victim receives an abortion. Terrifyingly, the ban has zero exceptions to protect the patient’s health and future fertility. 

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