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NOTE: Positions without two or more contenders are not on ballots. Write-in votes only count for those who filed as contenders in September.

City Council Members and Mayors: Contested Races

  • Note: In Nampa, voters in zones 2, 4 and 6 will vote only on the candidate in their zone. Those in zones 1,3, and 5 will vote for a city council member in 2025.  Nampa voters may find their zone here.  

  • Voters in other Canyon County cities will vote in every current council race.

  • No seats in Greenleaf, Melba, Parma, and Wilder had more than one contender so no races are on the ballot there.       

School Board Trustees: Contested Races 
In most districts, voters vote only for trustees running in their zone. Seats in Marsing, Middleton, Notus and Wilder are not contested.

Fire Dept.Trustees: Contested Races
There are no Fire Department races in Caldwell, Homedale, Melba, Upper Deer Flat and Wilder.  There are no races in Cemetery or Recreation districts. 

Need to know more?

Local candidates don't have the time or money to get information out to you.  Sometimes you have to do a search.   

1. Find out if there is anything on your ballot in November. If the elections office finds time to update their site, you should be able to click "voter lookup" on the county website and preview your ballot. And absentee ballots will be out soon after Oct. 10. 

If you know your city or school district, you can check the list of races listed above.  
Schools districts restrict voting to residents of a zone; most districts have zone maps on their website but not all include street names. Valllivue allows you to search for your address. 
Nampa's is the only city election that restricts voters to zones and the Canyon County page links to its map. 
2. To avoid getting the candidate mixed up with others with similar names. click "candidate filing" on the Canyon County page. Each candidate's name links to their filing document, (One Brian Bishop from Idaho makes films; the candidate is a corporate lawyer.)

3. Now search on the web.  Look for a campaign website or pages on Linked-in or Facebook.  Search the Idaho Press or Statesman websites.  

4. Talk with friends and acquaintances to share what everyone has learned. And talk to a candidate or his or her team members when they knock on your door or call you. If you find something you'd like me to double check or post, email.

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